Crucifixion scene with a secret meaning

There are many different versions of the Crucifixion of Jesus that artists have portrayed over the years but this one seems quite unique and possibly contains a secret meaning that was known only to a select group of church members during the 18th century. I find this very interesting because most images during this era were intended to communicate a general understanding of religious events at a time when literacy rates were very low. The image below obviously wouldn’t be used for that purpose, so  I believe this would have been used as yet another hidden meaning that was only known to a select few.

The Crucifixion scene has the typical setting with Jesus, John, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. But things take an unusual twist when taking a closer look at Mary Magdalene and noticing that she’s pointing at herself and doesn’t appear to have any facial features other than some markings or symbols. This was very curious to me because it also seems that she has the attention of Jesus, as if Mary Magdalene is conveying some type of message to him while the other two have their attention elsewhere.

This is one of the central images on the parchment and has the resin collage fused into the opposite side if the paper. I’ll get more into the arrangement of the picture and their assumed importance in a later post, but for now, I’ll just say this image takes on a central importance when looking at the locket as a whole. This is one of the areas that I would really like to spend more time and get a better understanding about the symbolism it contains.

As always, please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts and ideas on the subject.

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